Pissedpoet Pics - The Blog: December 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Not going to drink any more

Yes, its that time of year again. When passed behaviour is reviewed and intentions for a new and better life are made. Never mind that January is littered with good intentions its the thought that counts. Just like the fourth set of monogram hankies received for Christmas.

My New Years resolution is "Not to drink any more", not going to drink any less, will just try not to drink more. :-)

So now it's over to you. Post your New Years Resolution in the comments section and be in the running for a free 8"x10" (20x25cm) print of your choice from http://www.pissedpoet.com . The resolution I like the most that is posted with a date of 31 December 2005 or 1 January 2005 will receive a print on Kodak Ultima Paper (which they guarantee to have a fade resistant life of 100+ years) of their choice from the over 300 available at http://www.pissedpoet.com .

Yes folks, Pissedpoet Pics is offering you the chance to pic from the pissedpoet (OMG Henry that one is really bad). Anyway the result will be published here in a few days time.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Shopping

This pissedpoet pic is of the third floor of the Pasig Market in the Philippines.

The fat man in the red suit has done his sweep of chimneys across the world and credit card companies are rubbing their hands in glee. Those days leading up to the festive season are ones to behold with the throngs that descend upon merchants from the department stores to the humble street vendor. Everyone gets their piece of the action and the Pasig Market is no exception. A flea market three stories high selling everything from pork ternderloin to latest cover for your cell phone. And the crowds are something to behold, well it is Asia and it is Christmas in this most Christian of Asian country's.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A subject of your choice

The problem is,
He said,
What to choose?
Pithy, preservative laden prose
That will resonate
Over the millennium?
Or hard, fast words for today?
Before the consideration of content.

A subject of your choice?

Indefinate article, noun, preposition,
Pronoun and verb arranged in a phrase
More lavish than a desert trolley
The day before the diets been
Twenty letters, nine vowels
And eleven consonants
That fill the nostrils with chalk dust.
What did I do on the holidays?
What will empress the web master
Who jives the Java speak?
A phrase of five words
That won't let me forget.

Your a subject of choice.