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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A subject of your choice

The problem is,
He said,
What to choose?
Pithy, preservative laden prose
That will resonate
Over the millennium?
Or hard, fast words for today?
Before the consideration of content.

A subject of your choice?

Indefinate article, noun, preposition,
Pronoun and verb arranged in a phrase
More lavish than a desert trolley
The day before the diets been
Twenty letters, nine vowels
And eleven consonants
That fill the nostrils with chalk dust.
What did I do on the holidays?
What will empress the web master
Who jives the Java speak?
A phrase of five words
That won't let me forget.

Your a subject of choice.

1 comment:

Dianne S said...

Now that its 2006 and the year I turn half a century (can't believe I've made it)my only new years resolution will be giving up health food as I've discovered at my age I need all the perservatives I can get!!! Henry have a great 2006!