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Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Nicked

A few days ago I discovered someone had nicked one of my images and posted it on their site without permission. So what’s new you say, it’s the net, it happens all the time. That is true, but it is still theft, people who make photographs or write articles put a lot of time and effort into their creation and post it on the www for others enjoyment or not as the case maybe.

That is what the net, especially personal blogs, is all about, sharing! But nicking somebody else’s hard work isn’t sharing. Putting a credit and link to where the work came from is. It becomes a swap of value for both parties concerned and that is sharing.

I email the guy who nicked my image requesting a credit and a link which he happily provided. His blog was interesting so I provided him with a link from one of my other my blogs, The Expat, which has related content, everybody wins.

Most people would be flattered that someone else found their work interesting enough to post on their site. A credit and a link back and they would be happy campers and if they were told about it nine times out of ten a new friendship would be forged.

Although, there a few hard noses out there who would just send the owner of the blog an invoice. If it is a commercial blog or web site, fair enough, but it’s a bit rough for personal blogs. In those circumstances, if you can’t afford the cost you would have to take the material down, but that would make for an interesting post in its self.

By the way it isn’t all that difficult to spot those sites that have articles or images that have come from some place else. A change in prose style, images that vary widely in style, it isn’t rocket science. If the said material is unaccredited the site owner is a thief and what credibility do you accord thieves?


Cyn said...

I had a similar incident recently in which another blogger cut and pasted an essay and posted it, sans my name, on her blog. She'd linked it back to me, which was how I discovered her, but she did it in an ambiguous way that left me, as the author, out of it. I contacted her and requested she add my byline, and she flipped out. She rallied her readers to malign me and call me names. After about a week she finally removed the post altogether. I know we can't control these incidents completely, but I feel a little better after posting a copyright on my site.

B said...

It is indeed frustrating. I've taken to using both a logo & a watermark on my images.

If I come across images where they have been removed, then at least I know it was intentional & not accidental.

Youhave some lovely images here btw.

pissedpoet said...

It is a drag having to be a policeman for ones work, but is the way of the net. Glad you like the images B.