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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Streets of Manila

Hot off the press comes a book based on the images here, along with selected writing from pissedpoet pics sister site The Expat

The Streets of Manila comprises sixty six full colour photographs from the streets, the malls, and the markets of the Philippines National Capital along with a selection of essays that have graced The Expat pages.

If you have visited the Philippines the images in this book will bring back a flood of memories of your time there. If you just have a passing interest in this unique Asian city this book will show you the real Manila. If you’re interested in photography, especially street photography, the photos in The Streets of Manila will captivate and intrigue you.

Printed by Lulu Enterprises the quality of this paper back is second to none. The Streets of Manila is available on line through Lulu and by using their super saver shipping it is delivered free of charge world wide. Click here to access your copy of The Streets of Manila.


Darren Stones said...

Henry, good luck with your first book.

I suppose it was destiny that you'd produce a book given your passion for capturing images of everyday life in Manila, and writing about it.

Shooting from the hip is a style you've mastered and I do enjoy the way you capture a sense of movement in your images. The hustle and bustle of the natives going about their business is certainly worthy of capturing and writing about.

Keep on taking those unposed photo's Henry - they're good stuff.


Robert Freeman said...


Your images are a pleasure to view


pissedpoet said...

Thanks Darren and Robert. It has been a lobour of love but the quality of the book make it all worth while.