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Monday, January 02, 2006

Cathie T come on down

Making a NYR that you can keep for a year without any effort and then break it at the last minute, just for hell of it, definitely appeals to the pissedpoet mind set. Sounds like a great pre-requisite for a career in politics. Can really confuse the voters with core, non-core promises.
Congrats Cathie, head on over to pissedpoet.com and pic away.

Megan, good try but I'm into Spanish wines at the moment. Although did have a glass or 3 of Mr Morris' dry red in the black box on NYE. Talk about rough red, it was a panadole morning.

Dianne S, what can I say? Your NYR was hooked onto the wrong post and wasn't found until after all the shouting had died down. Silly, silly girl. Too much of Mr Morris' RR the night before?

Anyhow thanks to you all and have a great 2006 and you never know when the generosity bug will bite again. So keep on coming back, you hear.


CathieT said...


Thanks Henry .... took me ages to decide between your barbed wire cat and the frangipani ...

But the frangipani it is .... in the end it was down to the decor in the room it's gonna be hanging which finally decided me!!

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