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Saturday, January 07, 2006

If you can’t beat them, make them the subject

When I first came to the Philippines the omnipotence of the power lines had me in their thrall. There were so many of them and they dominated the skyline as can be seen in the above pic.

After a few days this visual pollution just became part of the background noise. Only came to the surface when I forgot to shoot round or under them and the black lines slashed across the image. A frustration, an ugly element to be avoided.

Subsequent visits and the decision to reside in the Pearl of the Orient and they are becoming an integral element of my pics. I now find myself looking for ways to include them in my images. In fact I find myself making images in which they feature as the dominant element.

The challenge is to find the beauty, the abstract quality that they can add to the image.

In art, as in life, finding ways to incorporate what we cannot change is the way to go. The trick is to know the difference between what is changeable
and what isn’t.

The above may not be a silk purse but it is a pretty damn fine pig’s ear.

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