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Friday, January 06, 2006

Does Size Matter

When making prints of your images it seems to me that the smart way to go is to print to the size of the available frame. Obviously taking into account any mat you are intending to use.

When displaying images a frame is essential and for paper based works being under glass goes without question. If you’re printing on canvas and mounting the work on a stretcher it becomes another story, although if digital printing is used putting it under glass might not be a bad idea, longevity of the inks etc.

With computers printing to the required sizes is so easy it is a no brainer. And the cost savings can be considerable, like about a tenth.
There are a myriad of kit frames out there, like wise the mass produced pictures sold in department stores come in a range of sizes within pretty decent frames. The picture may have the value of squat but that is not a bad frame. Then of course there are second hand and junk shops with frames going out for a song, they just need a bit of a clean up.

This becomes especially true if you are planning an exhibition. The cost of custom framing when you have a lot of pieces can do serious damage to the piggy bank.
Have been there and done that.

This can also be a selling point when selling your work on the net. Offering customers a custom print size can enhance the experience for all concerned.

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